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The Single Channel Zirconia Oxygen Analyzer System delivers accurate O2 and humidity measurements utilizing Yokogawa’s zirconia oxygen analyzers for combustion monitoring and control, helping industries achieve lowered CO2, SOx, and NOx emissions. The ZR22/ZR402 oxygen analyzer system provides minimized downtime and simplified maintenance with advanced diagnostics, an intuitive design and technician training.



The Zirconia Oxygen Analyzer System includes the ZR402G converter and ZR22 detector and is capable of measuring oxygen concentration or humidity in non-combustion applications with a single analyzer. Its LCD touch screen provides easy operation, and digital communications are standard, allowing for remote configuration and troubleshooting.

ZR402G Converter

The ZR402G converter is equipped with an LCD touch screen featuring an intuitive operating system with a variety of display modes and error codes with built-in error details. Other standard functions include measurement, calculation, and self-test maintenance functions to enable easier operation and troubleshooting.

ZR22G/ZR22S Detector

The ZR22G separate-type detector is an in-situ probe that uses a high-reliability zirconia sensor. The zirconia cell and heater assembly can be replaced in the field, reducing maintenance costs. The ZR22S separate-type detector for explosion-proof applications is also available and offers the following explosion-proof certifications:

  • ATEX
  • FM
  • CSA


Accurate Maintenance Scheduling with Advanced Diagnostics

Predictive diagnostics from the analyzer simplify troubleshooting and provide technicians with the necessary data to create a minimal calibration schedule.

Reduced Downtime with a Robust Cell Design

The probe’s cell is designed with a large measurement surface area, making it less susceptible to contaminants, which allows for longer periods between cell replacements and calibrations.


Learn more about the ZR22/ZR402 here.

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