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Yokogawa’s new TDLS8000 houses all of the industry’s leading features in one robust device. The platform design is for in situ measurements which negate the need for sample extraction and conditioning. The non-contacting sensor allows for a variety of process types including corrosive, abrasive and condensing. The first generation platform has been proven in many others for the measurements of O2, CO, CH4, NH3, H2O and many more NIR absorbing gases. This second generation platform has improved reliability and ease of installation and maintenance while still meeting or exceeding designed application demands.

Analytical system integration is one of Yokogawa’s core competencies. With a broad network of analyzer integration centers and best in class gas chromatography labs, Yokogawa is a leading analytical solution provider for analyzer integration solutions and service. With major centers and labs in Singapore, the United States and Europe, along with local analyzer integration capabilities around the globe, Yokogawa is committed to provide timely application support anywhere in the world. To provide our customers with even greater measurement accuracy, operational efficiency and safety, Yokogawa is pleased to offer the latest in tunable diode laser spectrometer technology. The TDLS8000. 

With the experience gained from thousands of installations used in a variety of of applications and industries we have created the next generation platform to give our customers their most needed features combined in on analyzer. Enabled by TruePeak technology the original Yokogawa TDLS200 gas analyzer platform was the first tunable diode laser spectrometer designed with the flexibility to be applicable to most industrial processes. Including fire heater safety and optimization, limiting oxygen control and managing ammonia slip for SCR optimization. Now the most trusted laser analyzer on the market just got better. While the original platform was designed through multiple United States Departments of Energy programs for specific applications in the petrochemical industry, the flexible nature of the TDLS8000 enables easy adaptation to the gas measurements needed across a variety of todays complex industries. Yokogawa’s TDLS8000 houses all of the industries leading features in one robust device. 

  • SIL 2 rated to meet the requirements of your most demanding safety systems
  • A compact design for one man installation without sacrificing ruggedness
  • HART and MODBUS TCP communications standard for easy of maintenance and integration
  • An intuitive touch screen HMI for faster set-up
  • 8 stages of auto gain adaptation for touch free transmission optimization
  • 50 days of data and spectral storage in an onboard historian allows remote factory troubleshooting. 

All hardware is fully field repairable to minimize downtime and configuration data is stored on our unique smart laser module. This smart laser module with integral line locking ensures the integrity of the measurement and also stores configuration data reducing the time needed to commission or replace. The TDLS8000 provides an analysis and eliminates the need for conventional sampling systems which require frequent and extensive maintenance. The TDLS8000 combines Yokogawa’s proven processing experience with the industry leading TruePeak measurement technology to provide a fast , reliable, interference free measurement for safe and accurate gas analysis. Yokogawa is committed to developing innovative solutions that provide value and piece of mind for our customers. As the worlds best analytical system integration provider, Yokogawa is ready to help you maximize safety, improve operational efficiency and reduce your costs. 

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