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The GC8000 brings a number of important innovations in its gas chromatograph analytical capabilities. For the first time, parallel chromatography is made practical with the introduction of the GC Module (GCM) concept. By setting up virtual GCs within a single analyzer, all chromatograph settings, displays, and data are truly segregated for easy understanding and maintenance. There are even built-in graphical overview screens showing each of the individual GC Modules. The GC8000 also has a built-in 12-inch color touchscreen display that dramatically simplifies maintenance.

The GC8000 uses the same proven analytical hardware found in our previous model of GC; recognized for its reliable and precise performance. But with the GC8000, the analytical possibilities are greatly expanded through the multiple oven capability of the analyzer.

The communications network of the GC8000 is based on the industry standard Ethernet structure to provide flexible yet secure transmission of data to GC maintenance workstations and the plant DCS system. The GC8000 can be set up for either a single Ethernet network or a redundant network with two completely isolated Ethernet networks if desired.

  • High-speed analysis with multi-oven structureThe multi-oven and multi-detector structure with simultaneous analysis settings enables each component to be measured under optimal conditions. This feature reduces the analysis time and allows configurations to be tailored to the customers’ needs.
  • Improved operation with a large touch panelA 12.1-inch color LCD touch panel mounted on the operating display unit of the main body offers enhanced visibility and interface.The screen displays of the main body and the PC are kept consistent to achieve intuitive, easy operations and quick acquisition of various information.
  • High reliabilitySince first releasing gas chromatographs in 1959, Yokogawa has developed a reputation of dependable performance among customers. The GC8000, with its main parts such as detectors and valves embodying our long experience and know-how, delivers outstanding reliability. Furthermore, many of the serviceable parts are compatible with those used in previous GC models.
  • Improved functionalityThe GC8000 offers improved functionality with the following functions:Reanalysis of chromatograms:

    This function analyzes and verifies the chromatogram data saved in the PC, to ensure the data is reliable. Data converting to the

    EZChrom software:

    This function shares data with the customer ‘s other analyzers, for consistent management of various analysis results and securing traceability.

    User programming:

    This function can be tailored to the customer ‘s exact requirements, such as a customized reports or sophisticated analysis routines

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