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BBP+ Training

BBP offers online and on-site training courses conducted by factory-certified technicians to meet your technical training needs.
From industry-standard training to customized programs that meet even the most specific training needs, BBP+ delivers the knowledge and experience your team needs to perform efficiently and effectively.

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Latest Past Events

Radiation Safety for Gauge User Training Class

BBP Headquarters 337 Highlandia Drive, Baton Rouge

BBP will offer an in-depth one-day class on understanding ionizing radiation and safety practices. This class is intended for those whose duties include surveys, safety lockouts, wipe tests, and more. Topics include: Basic Radiation Theory, Health Effects, Measuring Radiation, Radiation Safety & Protection, […]


Modbus Protocol Seminar

BBP Headquarters 337 Highlandia Drive, Baton Rouge

Join us for this free, half-day course to learn how to use Modbus protocol and OPC software technology in real-world applications. The seminar includes 2 student labs where you will be working with a live controller and PC.   • Develop a better […]

VEGA Radar and Pactware Training

BBP Headquarters 337 Highlandia Drive, Baton Rouge

Receive training on the VEGAPULS radar transmitter and guided wave, including the Flex 80. Training will incorporate a hands-on approach where each tech will get the opportunity to connect to an instrument with their personal laptop. The class will also include discussions on […]


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