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BBP+ Training

BBP offers online and on-site training courses conducted by factory-certified technicians to meet your technical training needs.
From industry-standard training to customized programs that meet even the most specific training needs, BBP+ delivers the knowledge and experience your team needs to perform efficiently and effectively.

Our customers like feeling special and that’s the way we want it

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Latest Past Events

Lorawan 101 Workshop

BBP Headquarters 337 Highlandia Drive, Baton Rouge

In this workshop, you will learn why LoRa accomplishes amazing long-range links. We will explain the relationship between the unique characteristics such as Data Rates, Spreading factors, Bandwidth, Receiver Sensitivity, and Sensor battery life. We will also discuss LoRaWAN® architectures, network security, classes […]

Yaskawa Variable Frequency Drive Training

BBP Headquarters 337 Highlandia Drive, Baton Rouge

Join our BBP product experts for a seminar regarding Yaskawa products, titled Yaskawa Variable Frequency Drive Training. Topics Included: Yaskawa product line Interfaces Capabilities Creature comforts Drive Demo Open-loop and closed-loop Connectivity Parameter setup

Flow Measurement: Applications and Solutions

BBP Headquarters 337 Highlandia Drive, Baton Rouge

Join our BBP product experts for a lunch and learn seminar focused on flow titled, Flow Measurement: Applications and Solutions. Topics Included: Mass flow versus volumetric flow What is turndown and why is it important? Straight run requirements and mounting Solids, bubbles, and […]

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