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YTA610 Temperature Transmitter


The YTA610 provides high accuracy, stability, and reliability. The housing structure adopts reliable dual-compartment structure. The sensor input can be choice of single or dual inputs. This input can accept the RTD, thermocouple, ohm, or DC millivolt. It converts the sensor input to a 4 to 20 mA DC analog signal. HART® 7 Protocol is available.


The dual input can accept two sensors calculation of the differential or average value and the sensor backup function. Sensor backup functions for automatically switches-over from the primary to the backup upon sensor failure. By adoption of local parameter switch on the Indicator, it becomes easy to do the on-site setting work. The YTA610/YTA710 temperature transmitters bring unique value to temperature measurement while meeting a range of user needs. The essential YTA610 temperature transmitter is our base solution. It offers accurate temperature measurement (Pt100: ±0.14°C / ±0.25°F) and diagnostics critical to keep the process running well. The YTA610 is available with HART® 7.

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