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The RTI-4 is a ready to install flexible sensor temperature assembly. These versatile temperature assemblies mount directly to reactors, wells or anywhere a temperature measurement is needed, and eliminates errors caused by influences external to the process. Precise engineering and solid, sturdy construction allow these assemblies to endure the harshest plant conditions and field environments.

Delivering simple installation and removal, our versatile, spring-loaded, fl exible sensor trims-to-length providing quick and easy installation in a wide range of temperature measurement applications. With other sensors, such as straight sensors, you have to remove the connection head, and sometimes assembly components, to install the sensor. The WORM slides right through the connection head port, and into the assembly, without removing any assembly components. The WORM bends to accommodate awkward mounting positions and locations. Because the solid sheath portion of the WORM is only 1-1/2″ long, it is totally embedded in the thermowell and ensures that no outside infl uences are affecting the temperature measurement.


Multiple mounting possibilities. Anywhere a temperature measurement is needed.

Universal temperature transmitter options. Ready-to-install assemblies come with a choice of our universal PC-Programmable, Smart HART®, and Fieldbus Temperature Transmitters (assemblies without transmitters are also available).

High accuracy measurements. These temperature assemblies keep the spring-loaded sensor in place to maintain good thermal conductance.

Solid, sturdy construction. High-impact connection heads (sensors without connection heads also available) combined with stainless steel mounting accessories allow our temperature assemblies to withstand the most rigid plant environment.

WORM Sensor trims to desired length. There’s no need to stock an expensive array of different sensor lengths, one size fi ts most every thermowell application.

Popular RTD and thermocouples. Available standard sensor types include 100 and 1000 ohm, platinum RTDs; plus J, K, T and E-type thermocouples (others are available on request).

Faster response time. The WORM delivers step response times 13% faster than solid sheath sensors.

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