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WORM Temperature Sensor


The WORM  temperature sensor allows you to replace restrictive, straight sensor probles. Ideal for hockey-puck, connection head and dual-sided enclosures, this flexible sensor can bend right through the top or face of the enclosure. It slides through the enclosure’s conduit port, and into (or out of) the thermowell without having to remove the enclosure or any assembly components.

WORM Temperature Sensor Features:
  • Universal, trims to thermowell length. There’s no need to stock an expensive array of different sensor lengths. With a quick measurement and a simple trim-to-length, the WORM handles nearly every thermowell assembly.
  • Ideal for hockey-puck, connection head and dual-sided enclosures. The innovative WORM provides cost and time advantages for all types of temperature transmitter enclosures.
  • Popular RTD and thermocouples. Standard sensor types include 100 and 1000 ohm platinum, nickel and copper RTDs; plus J-, K-, T-, E- type thermocouples.
  • Faster response time. The WORM delivers step response times 13% faster than standard sensors.
Sensor Specifications:
Lead Wires:
  • Standard (WS) Sensors: Teflon insulated, hermetically sealed for measurements up to 204°C (400°F)
  • High Temperature (WH) Sensors: Braided fiberglass for measurements ranging from 204°C (400°F) up to 760°C (1,400°F).
  • Inconel (INC) sheathed sensors: special fiberglass insulation withstands temperatures up to 1,093°C (2,000°F)
Wire Size:
  • Wire gauges range from 20 to 28 depending on the element type.
RTD Stability:
  • 0.2°C after 10,000 hrs. at maximum temperature (1 year, 51 days, 16 hrs. continuous)
Response Time (typical to reach a 63.2% temperature change):
  • RTD: <5 seconds; Grounded Thermocouples 2.0 sec.; ungrounded Thermocouples 4.5 sec.

Vibration Options:

  • 10G: provides protection for sensors that are exposed to higher than normal vibration levels.
  • 30G: sensor is encapsulated in a waterproof epoxy to endure extreme vibration levels and full water immersion.
  • 302 stainless steel. Withstands continuous temperatures up to 1093°C (2000°F).

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