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The YTA510 is a high performance, dual-input temperature transmitter that accepts thermocouple, RTD, ohms or DC mill volt inputs. These transmitters transmit process variables and the setting parameters using a wireless signal. They also run on internal batteries, greatly reducing the cost of installation as hard-wiring is not required. The wireless communication is compliant with ISA100.11a protocol specifications. It also offers an ultra low current consumption design, providing wireless operation for years with long life battery.

Wireless Specifications:

  • Communication protocol: ISA100.11a / IEEE802.15.4
  • Data rate: 250 kbps
  • Frequency: 2.400 – 2.4835 GHz license free ISM band
  • Radio security: AES 128 bit codified
  • RF Transmitter power: Max. 11.6 dBm (fixed)
  • Antenna:
    • +2 dBi Omni directional
    • Detachable Antenna type model (Amplifier housing code 8 or 9) can be used with a high-gain antenna1 with an
    • extension cable

Standard Specifications:

  • Variety of sensor inputs:
    • Single input: Amplifier housing code 7
    • Dual input: Amplifier housing code 8or9
    • RTD: Pt100 & Pt200 & Pt500 (IEC) and ohms
    • Thermocouples (T/C): B, E, J, K, N, R, S, T(IEC) and DC m volts (-10 to 110 mV)
    • Input type is selectable: Thermocouples, 2-,3-, and 4-Wire RTDs, ohms and DC milivolts.
    • 4-Wire is available for Sensor 1 input.
  • A/D accuracy:
    • Pt100: ±0.3°C
    • Type k: ±1°C
  • CJC accuracy (T/C only): ±0.5°C
  • Update period: 1 sec to 60 min selectable
  • Battery life:
    • Typical battery life is 10 years at 10 seconds update time or 8 years at 5 seconds update time in the following conditions.2
    • Detachable Antenna type model (Amplifier housing code 8 or 9)
    • low power mode
    • Ambient temperature: 23±2°C
    • Device role: IO mode
    • LCD display: off

Physical Specifications:

  • Antenna: +2 dBi Omni directional monopole type
  • Weight: 2.8kg(Without battery pack and mounting bracket)
  • Enclosure: IP66/IP67, NEMA4X
  • Power supply: Lithium thionyl chloride batteries (size D×2)
  • Battery Replacing: Included zone 0


  • Explosion protected type: ATEX, FM, CSA, IECEx Intrinsically safe Approval
  • EMC Conformity Standards: EN61326-1 Class A, Table 2 (For use in industrial locations), EN61326-2-3
  • R&TTE Conformity Standards:
    • ETSI EN 300 328, ETSI EN 301 489-1,
    • ETSI EN 301 489-17, EN61010-1, EN61010-2-030, EN62311
  • Regulation Conformity of the Wireless Module:
    • FCC Approval
    • IC Approval
  • Safety Requirement Standards: EN61010-1, EN61010-2-030


  • Ambient temperature: -40 to 85°C

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