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The PSC-SSS-PM Series has iniature sensing head design for measurement of inaccessible or moving objects. Optional touch screen interface for indication, graphing, configuration and data logging to MicroSD card. Temperature range -20°C to 2000°C.

The PSC-SSS-PM Series sensor heads are constructed of stainless steel with a full range of unique companion accessories. These accessories enable accurate non-contact temperature measurement of inaccessible or moving objects in hot environments (up to 356°F). Their space saving design is easy-to-wire and simple to integrate into existing data acquisition systems. The PSC-SSS-PM is resistant to interference from movement of sensing head cables and ideal for mounting on robotic arms.

Offering a choice of temperature ranges from -20° to 2000°C, the 2-piece sensor system features adjustable emissivity settings on all models. The general purpose models are ideal for a wide range of target materials. These materials include paper, plastics and food.  Other materials consisted of coated metal ceramics, and painted surfaces, as well as liquids and powders. The short wavelength, high temperature models improve the accuracy of readings on reflective materials such as steel and other metal surfaces. Choices of optics, including narrow options for long-distance measurements of high temperature targets.

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