Process Sensors Ultra Compact Camera Designs Yield Huge Results

IR Imaging Cameras are compact, radiometric and enable the operator to view and measure thousands of temperature points, line profiles or user selectable areas or regions of interest (ROI’s) defined by a maximum, minimum or average temperature within these regions. The smart technology and space saving design of each model brings new meaning to the word “simplicity” and sets a benchmark for quality and performance.

Interchangeable Lenses

User selectable, precision lenses provide clear, crisp images and define the rectangular area of  measurement. Standard, wide angle or telephoto optics are available.

Instant Defect Alerts Save Resources

Only 8 milliseconds to detect and diagnose a temperature anomaly that can prevent a costly shut-down of your production line. That’s all the time it takes for the new PSC IR Imaging process measurement and control system cameras to alert you of a potential problem.

60 Second Set Up

Designed for instant-on operation, the PSC IR Imaging Cameras boast Sixty Second Set Up. Connecting a camera to the USB port of a standard PC yields crisp, clear real-time images instantly, giving the operator  ready access and immediate control of the camera functionality and process.

High Speed and Control

These state of the art camera systems provide real-time thermography with an astonishing 128 Hz frame rate. The systems can be remotely triggered to respond to fast occurring events, initiating alarms, outputs or capturing and recording data to a network for later retrieval and analysis.

Compact Durability

Very compact and equally rugged, the highly reliable PSC IR Imaging Cameras are easily incorporated  into test stations and existing process automation control systems. Designed for unattended operation, they are ideal for installations where space is limited but data collection is essential. Virtually impervious  to environmental conditions, the protective water cooled/air purged camera housing is designed to protect the cameras in extreme conditions.

Myriad Applications

The PSC IR Cameras are ideal for use in mechanical stress analysis as well as monitoring furnace walls and kiln shells. Other applications include research and development, solar panels, flat glass, gypsum board, wood, paper converting, plastics, rubber thermoforming, food processing, conveying of bulk solids and powder, and rotating machinery.