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The RTI-1 is a ready to install sensor, temperature transmitter and thermowell assembly. Features PC-Programmable and site-programmable temperature transmitters suitable for general and hazardous area applications. Our easy to order assemblies arrive tested, calibrated and ready to install.


• Universal TRY & TRX PC-Programmable, THZ3 Smart HART® and STZ Functional Safety Temperature Transmitters.

• General location, hazardous area, and explosion-proof/flameproof connection heads.

• STZ was designed and built according to IEC 61508 requirements and is exida approved SIL 3 capable for use in Safety Instrumented Systems.

• Wide variety of RTD and thermocouple sensors.

• Spring-loaded fittings allow you to easily separate the sensor and transmitter from the thermowell.

• Industrial-strength stainless steel thermowells, flanges, and fittings in the sizes and configurations you need most.

• Remarkable accuracy of up to ±0.014°C (±0.025°F) using a THZ3 or STZ and our Calibration Suite.

• Complete NIST-traceable calibration records available from our state-of-the-art “Calibration Suite”.

RoHS Compliant: Yes

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