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TS+ Programmable Temperature Sensor


Introducing the TS+ sensor, a line of programmable temperature sensors that are used to measure and display process temperatures. This new sensor features a rotatable stainless steel housing for a long service life, multi-color display, IO-Link, switching or analog outputs, and automatic detection of output signals for fast commissioning. The sensor can be purchased with a built-in or remote mounted temperature probe for ultimate flexibility. They ensure proper temperature  and provide early warning and real-time measurement of critical processes.

Simple Operations:

The temperature switching points can be set in a few steps in the usual way, either according to the Turck or VDMA standard. The two-color 14-segment display offers users optimum support in navigating the menus. The display can show process values in red or green so that it can be adapted to the lighting conditions of the particular plant. The color change can be linked here to the switching outputs in order to indicate the actual switching status in addition to the switching point LED. Furthermore, the measured process value can also be displayed in °C, °F, K or Ω as required.

Extended Functions:

The extended functions enable the TS+ sensor to be reset to its previous settings (Undo function) as well as to the factory settings. The switching behavior of the outputs can be set to “Normally Open” (NO) and “Normally Closed” (NC). Additional hysteresis and filter functions enable the optimum adaption of the sensor even with complex applications.

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