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Scotch Yoke Pneumatic Actuators Series 25

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The Scotch Yoke Pneumatic Actuators Series 25 mechanism produces torque that closely matches the required torque characteristic of most quarter-turn valves. As per the characteristic of the valve, the scotch-yoke produces its highest torque at the start and the end of each stroke, providing maximum torque at opening & closing of the valve.

As the piston moves, the length of the moment arm is changing constantly. Because the effective moment arm is longest at the start and the end of the stroke (L2), the starting torque (torque output at the start and the end of a stroke) approaches nearly twice the magnitude of the minimum torque (L1) (torque output at the shortest moment arm length). Thus, scotch yoke mechanism torque output allows the use of a smaller piston, shorter moment arm and lower operating pressures than many other mechanisms.

Special Design Features:

  • Design: Scotch Yoke
  • Type: Double Acting & Single Acting
  • Body: Ductile Iron/ CS
  • Seal: Buna N
  • Torque: 30,000 Nm maximum
  • Temperature: (-)20°C  to (+)150°C
  • Supply: Air Pressure 3 bar minimum, 7 bar maximum
  • Features: Stroke adjustment ± 5°, both ways
  • Mounting: ISO 5211 mounting/ Namur interface

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