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Flow Nozzels


Our designs are in accordance with ASME and ISO recommendations to ensure a maximum accuracy in flow measurement. These flow nozzels are available in flanged, weld-in, and holding-ring types using pipe-tap or throat-tap designs for line size up to 24″. Standard materials are carbon steel, chrom-moly, and stainless steel.

Flow-Lin provides numerous services for our customers including bore calculations, flow-versus-differential curves, temperature/pressure correction curves, cavitation analysis, and laboratory flow calibrations. Our engineering department welcomes the challenge presented by complicated flow problems found in liquids, steam, and gases. We also offer computer software for engineers to run bore calculations for orifice plates, flow nozzles, or venturi tubes (U.S. or S.I. units). The software uses the latest ASME and ISO references to ensure the best calculation accuracy.


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