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DelVal Resilient Seated Butterfly Valve


The DelVal Resilient Seated Butterfly Valve Series 50 (wafer body) and Series 52 (lug body) are developed with extensive application, design and manufacturing expertise. Both of these series are produced by employing modern manufacturing practices under a robust quality assurance system. These practices ensure consistent product quality and dependable performance.

DelVal Resilient Seated Butterfly Valve has a top plate double drilled to ISO 5211 and standard secondary bolt circle dimensions designed for directing mounting of a wide range of actuators, handles, and gears. It also includes a heavy duty acetal bushing that absorbs the forces acting on the stem/disc assembly due to line pressure.

Other DelVal Resilient Seated Butterfly Valve Features Include:

  • High strength disc with hand polished disc edge and hubs
  • One piece stem with internal Double D drive eliminates disc pins and screws
  • Blowout proof stem retention offers easy assembly and disassembly
  • Bi-directional U-cup stem seal
  • Heavy duty, one piece epoxy coated body with extended neck for 2” of insulation and locating holes
  • Center-LOK® peroxide cured seat
  • Double molded O-rings provide upper and lower secondary seals
  • Stem connection available in standard DelVal sizes or optional sizes to match standard secondary top plate drilling.
  • Top plate double drilled to fit ISO 5211 dimensions and standard secondary bolt circle dimensions. All handles, gear operators and pneumatic DelTorq actuators are designed to mount directly to DelVal Valves.
  • Nylon PA 12 coated disc option ensures excellent corrosion resistance to several chemical media. The hard, non-porous sintered polymer has very low hygroscopicity and is suitable for use in drinking water and nonalcoholic foodstuffs.

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