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The new DM8C Liquid Density Analyzer is a highly reliable, multi-function meter that builds on the experience gained with the VD6. It takes advantage of the latest computer technology to integrate a wide range of sensor techniques. Its converter incorporates a microprocessor that directly converts sensor frequency signals into density values for display. It is provided with a variety of functions such as one-touch calibration, self-diagnosis and digital output (RS-232C).

The DM8C is a vibration type liquid density analyzer and its converter incorporates a microprocessor to directly convert frequency signals from the sensor into density values and display them and is provided with a variety of functions such as one-touch calibration, self-diagnosis, digital output.

The DM8 liquid density analyzer measures the liquid density of general process liquids with high sensitivity and excellent stability. It has a measuring density range of 0 to 2.0 g/cm3, and unaffected by flow rate and viscosity. Besides general-purpose sensor, sanitary and explosion-proof sensor are also available.

  • High sensitivity and stability.
  • One touch calibration with a standard calibrating solution.
  • Free setting of measuring range in the field.
  • Failure alarm display and output.
  • Outdoor installation of converter.

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