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The model SC450 is designed to measure specific conductivity with contacting electrodes. This method is proven to offer very high measurement accuracy especially in pure and ultra pure water applications. The SC450 has a self-tuning pre-amplifier that eliminates measuring errors associated with cabling and reduces polarization caused by high conductivities and cell fouling. The integrity of the signal across the electrodes is monitored continuously to activate a call for maintenance or a fail message in the rare occasion that cell fouling would cause erratic readings. The standard SC450 covers almost all Conductivity Applications including all special software functions in the standard analyzers to reduce the number of configurations. This results in less inventory and less training needs for users that have multiple Conductivity applications.

  • Unique touch screen operation with menu structure in 5 languages.
  • Enhanced diagnostics, process treanding graphics andon-screen logbook for data storage
  • Two mA-outputs and four SPDT relay contacts with display indicators
  • Hart® Communications
  • FM Class 1, Div.2, Group ABCD, T6 for Ta-20 to 55°C
  • IP66/NEMA4X 1/2 DIN enclosure for Field Mounting and Panel Mounting
  • Advanced Process Temperature Compensation
  • Cell fouling monitoring

The ISC450 is designed to measure Specific Conductivity by using the Inductive Conductivity method. This method is especially suitable for high conductivity measurements.


  • Preloaded calibration methods according to OIML* recommendations
  • Preloaded matrices for most common electrolytes
  • Accuracy of 0.5% plus 1 µS/cm from 0 to 2000 mS/cm with one cell constant
  • Two ranges with two temperature compensation methods can be used for different fluids measured with the same sensor

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