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The XMO2 Transmitter measures the concentration of oxygen in the
0-100% range in a variety of gas mixtures, and it provides a 4-20 mA
analog output signal that is proportional to the oxygen concentration.
In performing these measurements, the microprocessor-based XMO2
provides automatic oxygen signal compensation for background gas
composition and/or pressure variations. In addition, the XMO2 is
equipped with Fast-Response software, real-time error detection, and
push-button field calibration.
The XMO2 Transmitter offers several unique design features:
• Ultra-stable thermistors and a measuring cell that is temperaturecontrolled at 45°C (113°F) provide excellent zero and span
stability, as well as a high tolerance to ambient temperature
variations. Optional measurement cell operating temperatures of
60°C (140°F) and 70°C (158°°F) are available for special
• The measurement cell design is resistant to contamination and
relatively tolerant of sample gas flow rate variations. As it has no
moving parts, the XMO2 performs reliably under the shock and
vibration found in many industrial applications.
• The XMO2’s unique “bridge-within-a-bridge” measurement
circuit and microprocessor-based operation automatically
compensate the oxygen signal for variations in the magnetic and
thermal properties of the background gas that would otherwise
cause measurement errors.

The basic XMO2 measurement system consists of a
Transmitter mounted in a Sample System. The sample system is
mandatory, and can either be provided by GE or constructed
according to our recommendations.

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