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VEGASWING 63 is used as a universal level switch in all liquids. Independent of the mounting position it detects reliably with millimetre accuracy the level. The instrument can be used in vessels as an empty or full detector, as approved overfill protection, dry run protection or pump protection. The position of the switching point is determined through the tube extension. The VEGASWING 63 offers high reliability and security in a wide application range.

Application area

The position of the switching point can be up to 6 m away from the installation site. Numerous process fittings, approvals as well as housing and electronics versions.

Your benefit

  • Precise and reliable function due to product-independent switching point
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Minimum time and cost expenditure thanks to simple setup without medium


Crude oil storage tank

Crude oil is pumped directly into the cargo tanks on board in order to separate gas, oil and water from each other using gravity. To ensure profitable utilisation of the loading capacities as well as effective control of the pumps, the level is measured continuously and the point levels are monitored.

Anhydrous ammonia storage tank

During the sulfur removal process, nitrogen is converted into ammonia through a water wash process to be sold for fertilizer production. Stringent environmental restrictions and the high hazard potential make secure control of the levels in ammonia handling processes absolutely necessary.


Exact interface measurement in separators is important for ensuring the quality of the separation process. Continuous control of the interface between oil and water ensures that oil is not inadvertently withdrawn instead of water. This saves costs and increases the efficiency of the plant. A vibrating level switch serves as an additional overfill protection mechanism.

Lime milk storage tank

The sulphur in the flue gas is chemically bound by injecting lime milk into the scrubbing tower. To ensure that there is always enough lime milk available for the scrubbing tower, sensors are required to regulate the level and reliably prevent an overfilling of the tank.

Learn more about point level measurement from BBP.

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