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The VEGAFLEX 81 is a guided wave radar sensor for continuous level and interface measurement of liquids in small vessels under ordinary process conditions. The sensor delivers precise and reliable measurements, even in applications with steam, buildup, foam generation and condensation. Through a large selection of gravity weights, the VEGAFLEX 81 can be also used in standpipes and bypass tubes.

Your benefit

  • The guided adjustment enables a simple, time-saving and reliable setup
  • Shortenable probes offer a simple standardisation and highest flexibility in the planning
  • Comprehensive diagnostic possibilities ensure a maintenance-free operation and hence a high plant availability

Application area

Cable, rod or coaxial sensor. Even in applications with steam, buildup, foam or condensation, the sensor delivers precise and reliable readings – also in standpipes or bypass pipes.

The ace for level measurement and interface measurement in all liquids

The VEGAFLEX 81 guided radar sensor is exceptional when it comes to measuring the level or interface of liquids. Guided radar is extremely versatile and can be found in almost every industrial sector. Whether bitumen or liquefied gas, in storage containers or standpipes, in a metering tank or in tank farms – VEGAFLEX 81 measures the level or interface (separation layers) of liquids with great reliability and accuracy.

Guided radar delivers reliable measurements data for control or safety systems for

  • Level measurement in ammonia storage tanks
  • Level measurement in standpipes
  • Interface measurement in storage tanks, bypass tubes, standpipes

Storage tank in an ethanol plant

After going through all process steps, the bioethanol is stored in a tank ready for delivery to the consumer. Accurate measurement of the tank contents is an important prerequisite for fiscal inventory, reliable logistics planning and ensures a sufficient supply for customers. Since the tanks can often not be emptied after an initial filling, maintenance-free operation and setup without product are crucial considerations for the measurement technology.

Water separator

The paper web is dewatered in the press and wire section of the paper machine. As the resulting water is removed via vacuum pipelines which are monitored by pressure transmitters to control the vacuum pump. It is also very important to prevent water from getting into the vacuum pump. To achieve this, water separators are built into the feed lines and the separated water is drawn off by a water pump. A continuous level measurement is used to control the level and the pump.


Exact interface measurement in separators is important for ensuring the quality of the separation process. Continuous control of the interface between oil and water ensures that oil is not inadvertently withdrawn instead of water. This saves costs and increases the efficiency of the plant. A vibrating level switch serves as an additional overfill protection mechanism.

Sour water stripper

Safe and reliable measurement of the separation layers in the sour water stripper is extremely important in preventing sour water from accidentally getting into other parts of the plant. Sour water is highly corrosive and can cause serious damage over time, leading to safety problems in other process vessels and pipes. The sour water discharged from the stripper is delivered to the desulphurisation plant for further processing.

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