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The VEGACAP 65 is a point level sensor for use in all industries and has a longer measurement range than the VEGACAP 62. The partly insulated probe is ideal for the measurement of bulk solids and can be also used in non-conductive liquids such as for example oil. The proven construction ensures high functional safety.

Application area

For liquids and bulk solids, Sensor length up to 32 m

Your benefit

  • High flexibility through shortenable probe
  • Long lifetime and low maintenance requirement through robust mechanical construction
  • Reliable switching point due to large gravity weight


Coal stockpile

After being unloaded from rail cars or ships, the coal is stored in stockpiles. Here, reliable measuring systems that function properly in any kind of weather are essential for level monitoring and belt positioning.

Coal surge bin II

In a typical coal power plant, lignite (soft coal) and anthracite (hard coal) are stored temporarily in bins up to 30 meters high. To ensure that the coal belts are continuously loaded without interruption, a robust and reliable level measuring system is required. Additional point level detectors are used to prevent any overfilling of the bins.

Silo for ready mixed asphalt

Different qualities are required from the asphalt depending on the usage and climatic conditions, so every asphalt mixture varies depending on the application. Asphalt is always extremely viscous, hot and highly adhesive. Due to these properties and the numerous different asphalt mixtures, reliable level measurement and point level detection methods are essential.


Through the effects of strong vibration in the shaker, the liquid and solid components of the drilling mud returning from the borehole are separated from each other. The drilled rock and the sand are disposed of and the valuable drilling mud is fed back into the continuous drilling process. Level measurement and point level detection are absolutely necessary for effective processing of the drilling mud in the shaker.

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