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The VEGAMAG 61 magnetic level indicator is specifically designed to provide the most reliable visual level indication in the industry. The wide flag design, almost two times larger than most others, provides a better magnetic coupling to the float while enhancing visibility. The flag indication used in conjunction with the scale provides a clear understanding of the process liquid levels.


• Innovative flag design maximizes magnetic field

• Wide flags for enhanced indicator view

• Impact-resistant polycarbonate indicator window

• Corrosion-resistant moving parts

• Wide variety of materials

• Fabricated to ASME 31.1/31.3 Standards

• Glass or impact resistant polycarbonate indicator window

Weight: Application dependent

Overall Length: Up to 50’ (15 m) Consult factory for lengths over 50’

Accuracy: ± 0.1” (±3 mm)

High Temperature Options: Insulation blankets, electric heat tracing, cryogenic insulation, and freeze protection, etc.

Style: Wide Flag

Indicator Flags: Magnetically actuated high temperature stainless flags in yellow/black also other colors available

Flag Assembly Seal: Gasket (Std.)

Scale Options: Etched stainless steel with either height, volume, or percentage units

Visual Indication: Easily visible from 200 feet

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