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The VEGAFLEX 86 level sensor allows maintenance-free measurement of all liquids under extreme pressure and temperature conditions. Even in applications with buildup, foam generation and condensation, the sensor delivers precise and reliable measured values. In saturated steam applications, a special reference probe ensures a density-independent measurement. The VEGAFLEX 86 offers an economical level and interface measurement for your application.

Your benefit

  • The guided adjustment enables a simple, time-saving and reliable setup
  • Shortenable probes offer a simple standardisation and highest flexibility in the planning
  • Comprehensive diagnostic possibilities ensure a maintenance-free operation and hence a high plant availability

Application area

Cable, rod or coaxial sensor. Its robust, mechanical design and the second process seal, the Second Line of Defense, protect the sensor for demanding measurement tasks. Process temperature: -196 … 450° C; process temperature: -1 … 400 bar

Level and interface measurement at high pressure and high temperature

The robust guided radar sensor VEGAFLEX 86 measures the level and interface of liquids at high process temperatures and pressures in tanks of all types. It operates independently of media properties such as density or dielectric constant in widely different vessels, bypasses or boilers. The robust mechanical design and second seal (second line of defense) protect the sensor while it performs demanding measurement tasks in the chemical, petrochemical, energy and oil/gas sectors, e.g.

  • level and interface measurement in distillation columns
  • level measurement in steam boilers
  • level measurement in gas tanks (LPG)

Condensate storage tanks

Throughout the different process units, there are storage vessels that collect clean, reusable condensate. This condensate accumulates from the steam system that is used to heat the various hydrocarbon processes. The condensate tanks routinely have extremely high process temperatures, so a level measurement and point level detection are necessary that can withstand this environment.

Bitumen tank

Bitumen is an important ingredient in asphalt production. It binds stone aggregates together to form the finished asphalt. To enable cost-effective asphalt production, reliable level measurement and overfill protection in the storage tank is required.

Steam boiler

High process pressures and a highly compressed vapour phase are the normal operating conditions inside boilers. The size of the steam generator is what determines the quantity of saturated steam that can be fed into a heat exchanger. Reliable control of the water level and limitation of high and low water levels are therefore extremely important.

Column trays

Accurate level control of the distillation unit ensures product quality of the hydrocarbon at the different cuts, but this is made difficult due to hot liquids flashing, buildup and high temperature. Even through process changes reliable level measurement and point level detection are required.

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