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VEGABAR 87 (Secondary Sensor)


The VEGABAR 87 Secondary sensor is a submersible pressure transmitter which is combined with a sensor from the VEGABAR 80 series to produce an electronic differential pressure measurement. It is suitable for the measurement of the gauge difference, level with superimposed pressure or vacuum, flow, density or interface. The VEGABAR 87 offers the possibility to detect even smallest measuring ranges from 0.1 bar. The simple connection of VEGABAR series 80 sensors as electronic differential pressure opens new possibilities for the measurement of differential pressures.

Application area

For level measurement of liquids and corrosive media. Maximum sensor length: Cable 250 m, tube 6 m. Can be combined with any other sensor of VEGABAR Series 80 for electronic differential pressure measurement.

Your benefit

  • Maximum reliability even with rapidly changing process temperatures
  • High plant availability through vacuum-resistant version
  • Very good cleanability and high chemical resistance through adapted materials

Pressure transmitter for viscous media, even at high process temperatures

The hydrostatic submersible pressure sensor VEGABAR 87 with metallic measuring cell measures the level of liquids and viscous media with high process temperatures (high temperature).

The robust mechanical configuration of the metallic measuring cell protects the sensor in the demanding measuring tasks found in different industries, e.g.

  • chemically stable level measurement in ultrapure water
  • water level measurement with two hydrostatic pressure sensors for lock control
  • Maintenance-free level measurement in waste water shafts
Technical specifications:
Measuring range – Pressure
  • 0 … 25 bar
Process temperature
  • -12 … 100 °C
Process pressure
  • 0 … 25 bar
  • 0.1 %
Materials, wetted parts
  • 316L
  • Duplex (1.4462)
  • FEP
Threaded connection
  • ≥ G1½, ≥ 1½ NPT
Flange connection
  • ≥ DN50, ≥ 2″
Seal material
  • no media contact
Housing material
  • Plastic
  • Aluminium
  • Stainless steel (precision casting)
  • Stainless steel (electropolished)
Protection rating
  • IP66/IP68 (0,2 bar)
  • IP66/IP67
  • IP66/IP68 (1 bar)
  • IP69K
  • Profibus PA
  • Foundation Fieldbus
  • 4 … 20 mA
  • 4 … 20 mA/HART – two-wire
  • Modbus
  • Secondary electronics for electronic differential pressure
Ambient temperature
  • -40 … 80 °C

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