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The OXYGOLD G is an electrochemical dissolved oxygen sensor for general use in trace measurement. It was developed for use in power plants, chemical, pharmaceutical and semiconductor industries. It is suitable for use at high temperatures, high pressures and during sterilization and CIP. The OXYGOLD G is easy to maintain as its inner body can be replaced by the user.

Maintaining a low level of dissolved oxygen in boiler feedwater assures that corrosion of certain components is minimized. A reliable measurement of ppb dissolved oxygen helps to reduce downtime and improve efficiency. The OXYGOLD G or OXYGOLD B sensor accurately measures trace levels of dissolved oxygen down to 1 ppb.

The modular design of the membrane cartridge allows simple recharging of the electrolyte or membrane replacement. It is not uncommon for the OXYGOLD G or OXYGOLD B sensor to not require maintenance for over 8 months after installation.

  • Simple two-minute calibration
  • Very little maintenance required
  • Easy electrolyte recharge and membrane replacement
  • Compact design
  • Specifications:
    Measuring range 1 ppb to 40 ppm (DO)
    Response time t98% < 60 s at 25 °C, from air to nitrogen
    Process temperature 0 to 130 °C (Arc: analog 0 to 110 °C,
    digital 0 to 130 °C)
    Pressure range 0 to 12 bar
    (relative to ambient)
    Hygienic aspects Autoclavable, CIP, SIP
    Electrolyte Oxylyte G
    Surface Quality Ra < 0.4 μm (N5)
    Current in air at 25°C 180 to 500 nA
    Material Stainless steel 1.4435
    Polarization voltage -670 mV
    O-ring EPDM
  • Benefits
    Trace level measurement
    Suitable for use at high temperatures and high
    pressures during sterilization and CIP
    Little flow sensitivity
    Replacing the cathode is possible and very simple
    to perform.
  • Typical applications
    Boiler Feed Water

Download the data sheet here.

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