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The VisiTrace DO is designed to measure dissolved oxygen in the low ppb range in brewing applications, notably during filtration and filling. Adjacent markets are also boiler feed water in power plant. The VisiTrace DO offers all the advantages of Hamilton`s optical dissolved oxygen sensors: fast response time and easy maintenance. Improvements compared to conventional electrochemical (amperometric) sensors include flow independence, a rapid start-up with no polarization time and simplified maintenance. Monitoring in low ppb ranges is essential in many applications such as brewing processes and power plants.

VisiTrace DO provides the ability to rapidly and precisely perform measurements across its 0 – 2,000 ppb dissolved oxygen range. It provides accurate and undistorted results across all conditions and concentrations and is not affected by flow, pressure or presence of CO2. The startup is quick because the optical sensor does not require polarization. Maintenance is easy and seldom required – just a quick exchange of the sensor cap.

The VisiTrace utilizes luminescent technology and eliminates the typical drawbacks of membrane components. The measurement is unaffected by sample fouling or poisoning and virtually maintenance free with no membranes to replace, no electrolyte solution to replenish, no anode or cathode to clean or replace and long calibration intervals.

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