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The FU24 is an all-on-one pH and ORP sensor made with a chemical resistant PPS 40GF body for harsh pH applications. It is particularly useful in applications with fluctuating pressure and/or temperature. These processes shorten sensor life because the process fluids move in and out of the sensor under influence of frequent pressure and/or temperature fluctuations. This results in fast desalting and dilution of the reference electrolyte which in turn changes the reference voltage causing a drifting pH measurement.

  • Available as analog and digital SMART sensors (SENCOM)
  • Solid Platinum ORP/LE electrode for accurate simultaneous pH and ORP measurements.
  • Integral Pt1000 element for accurate temperature measurements and enhanced pH accuracy
  • Double junction and long diffusional path for reference pollution/poisoning resistance
  • Saturated Ag/AgCl reference system with double junction combined with polymerized saturated KCl and ion-trap prolong the life of the reference probe even in chemically unfavorable environments.
  • Extended life time by large volume of polymerized electrolyte and porous PTFE diaphragm
  • Cation Differential reference system available in the FU20 for elongated life
  • Variopin connector or integrated cable options
  • Simple maintenance by comprehensive design
  • Versatile Direct in-line, immersion, off-line installation (flow fitting) and retractable Hot-tap (available with use of the FU20 only)
  • Quick-Release adapter available for the FU20
  • Calibration certificate delivered with each sensor
  • Patented automatic pressure compensation in the FU24
  • Available in two versions, a robust dome shape model for applications with a limited amount of solids, and a flat surface model for applications in which solids are a considerable component

By integrating the successful Yokogawa patented Bellow design concept within the FU24 electrode, a strong pressure compensation mechanism is created. The built-in bellow ensures immediate interior pressure equalization to the outside pressure, making the sensor virtually insensitive to external pressure variations. A slight overpressure caused by the bellow tension, prevents fluid ingress and maintains a positive ion flow out of the sensor.

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