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The SC42/SX42 is a high pressure, high temperature contacting conductivity sensor primarily designed for boiler blowdown and condensate leak detection applications. These conductivity cells have extremely high temperature and pressure ratings: the threaded types can handle 16 bar at 200°C and the flanged types can handle 40 bar at 250°C.

Model SC42/SX42 small-bore conductivity sensors have a stainless steel body, PEEK insulation, and an integral junction box, especially designed to withstand both high temperatures and pressures. These rugged sensors can deliver accurate, repeatable conductivity measurements in temperatures up to 200°C and withstand pressures up to 400 PSIG. To ensure accurate temperature compensation, a platinum 1000 temperature element is standard. The sensor is double-sealed with EPR o-rings for maximum protection from the hostile environment for which these sensors are designed.

Features of the SC42:

• Rugged 316 stainless steel construction with PEEK insulation

• Integral junction box for installation and maintenance ease

• Standard 3/4” MNPT process connection

• Platinum 1000 temperature compensation

• Double EPR o-ring seals for maximum reliability


• Automatic boiler blowdown control

• Condensate monitoring

• Leak detection on heat exchangers

• Steam purity tracking

These high temperature conductivity sensors have a stainless steel body and a ceramic insulation, especially designed to withstand high temperatures (up to 250°C) and pressures (up to 40 bar). A special treatment of the electrodes ensures optimal resistance against polarisation. The flanged model has an integral connection box, the threaded models are provided with a Amphenol connector to fit the Yokogawa WU40 cable or Variopin connector to fit with Yokogawa WU10/WE10-cable. All sensors have a pre-calibrated cell constant and a built-in temperature element for automatic temperature compensation. Sensors with the Variopin connector are equipped with an ID-chip in which callibration information is stored for easy setup when connected to a SENCOM Smart Adapter model SA11-C1. For metal sensors a 3.1 material certificate is included. The sensors, except those equipped with Variopin connector, are ATEX certified for installation in zone 0 environments when connected to a certified intrinsically safe Yokogawa analyser, model SC202S or FLXA21 or a certified intrinsically safe circuit with defined output parameters. The combination of the sensor plug and cable is watertight and can handle temperatures upto 100°C. The aluminium connection box of the flanged types has been selected to have a easy connection with high temperature cabling.

Features of the SX42:

• High temperature and pressure ratings

• Built-in temperature resistor: Pt1000

• Fast temperature response

• Plug and cable form a water tight connection to IP67

• Model with flange has an integral connection box

• Threaded models have standardized connections 1” NPT or R1

• Selection of two cell constant 0.10 cm-1 or 0.01 cm-1

• Sensor with 8 pin Variopin with ID chip for SENCOM SA11-C1 use

• ATEX/IECEx certified

• Optimal resistance against polarisation

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