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The ISC450 is designed to measure specific conductivity by using the inductive conductivity method. This method is especially suitable for high conductivity measurements. The analyzer works with a sensor that has two, built-in toroidal transformers. An AC current induces a voltage in the process sample, giving it its own current. The strength of this current is proportional to the conductivity of the sample following Ohm’s law.

ISC450 Features:

  • Preloaded calibration methods according to OIML* recommendations
  • Preloaded matrices for most common electrolytes
  • Accuracy of 0.5% plus 1 µS/cm from 0 to 2000 mS/cm with one cell constant
  • Two ranges with two temperature compensation methods can be used for different fluids measured with the same sensor


•Yokogawa uses smart preamplifiers with self-tuning capabilities to assure high accuracies at every

point of the range

•Accuracy is in engineering units or percent of measured value rather than the traditional percent

full-scale specifications


•EXAxt 450 features self-diagnostics. The watchdog timer checks continuously the integrity of the

signal processing and firmware routines

•The Model 450 monitors the sensors in-line to prevent process control problems should sensor

failure or fouling occur.


•The EXAxt 450 software interface minimizes the need to use the Instruction Manual

•All information about configuration, calibration, and troubleshooting is displayed in plain English

•In addition to English, the user can choose German, French, Italian or Spanish


•Model 450 maintenance is quick and simple using the on-board instructions and touchscreen


•Capable of predicting the need for maintenance or calibration to allow scheduled maintenance

which minimizes downtime from unexpected failures

•EXAxt stores the results of the last five calibrations to predict when sensor drift exceeds selected



•EXAxt 450 includes two current outputs to transmit process variables or used for control outputs

•The graphical LCD displays up to three dynamic variables and trend graph of the primary variable

•The four SPDT contacts can be configured as HI/LO contact outputs, or as control outputs to

solenoids or metering pumps

•The output can be pulse length or pulse frequency controlled using the PID control function

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