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FF20/FS20 Flow Fittings


For liquid analysis, the FF20/FS20 Flow Fittings sensors are usually mounted in either a flow or immersion fitting. As a result, we offer a full range of fittings with particular emphasis on designs that reduce installation and maintenance time and consequently save operation costs. A high degree of standardization makes it possible to mount electrodes with DIN dimensions directly into a fitting. For most other types a mounting kit is available. A wide choice of construction materials gives the user the optimal solution for any process considering chemical resistance, pressure and temperature specifications. The program includes fittings and subassemblies for mounting of a variety of electrodes and/or a cleaning system.


• Wide choice of construction materials.

• High degree of standardisation reduces spare holding requirements.

• Direct mounting of sensors with DIN dimensions.

• Liquid earth pin for stable measurements.

• High pressure and temperature specifications.

• Chemical cleaning system as an option for 2-, 3- and 4-hole fitting.

• Brush cleaning system as an option for 4-hole fitting only.

• Electrolytically polished stainless steel fittings for optimal corrosion resistance.

Download the General Specifications here.

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