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The PH97 electrodes are designed to be durable and rugged for use with the PH87 assemblies. Each PH97 holds four separate elements in a rugged Ryton™ body which includes a pH bulb guard and an anti-blowout restraint. This pH system is composed of a metal impregnated Ryton™ solution ground, a double-junction reference, universal pH glass (0-14 pH) and a PT1000 temperature element.. In many applications the large volume reference reservoir will provide an extended functional life.

Optional ORP (± 5000 mV) or patented solid state reference electrodes with a unique ionic trapping system are available for specialized applications.


The Model PH87 assemblies are constructed of chemically-resistant titanium sheathes and are used with Model PH97 sensors. The retractable assembly is suitable for “Hot-Tap” service and is removable from a pressurized process line or vessel without interrupting the flow or draining the tank. The insertion assembly is suitable for service in a process line or tank where variable insertion lengths are required. Blowout protection is provided by the flared tip design of the titanium sheath which provides a metal to metal stop during retraction. Integral junction boxes are provided for simple installation and wiring.


  • Pulp and paper stock
  • Slurries
  • Process Tanks


  • Each electrode is 100% factory tested
  • Cost effective, long life
  • Integral anti-blowout guard
  • Built-in solution ground
  • Coaxial porous PTFE reference junction • Adjustable insertion lengths


  • Suitable for “Hot-Tap” applications with Ball valve
  • Integral Junction box for simple installation
  • Titanium sheath for chemical protection
  • Adjustable insertion lengths
  • Optional electrodes

Download the General Specifications here.

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