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EXA GD402/GD40 Gas Density Analyzer


The EXA-based GD402/GD40 gas density analyzer is a fast and accurate process gas measurement and control device that is unaffected by ambient temperature, vibration or dust. It does not require reference gases or a constant temperature environment. The analyzer consists of a detector (GD40) and converter (GD402) that continuously measures gas density by calculating specific gravity, molecular weight, percent concentration and BTU content.

The EXA-based GD402/GD40 gas density analyzer provide continuous measurement of gas density as well as other valuable parameters, including specific gravity and percent concentration.

In applications where accurate, repeatable measurement of gas density is essential, Yokogawa’s family of gas density products deliver superior performance and reliability. From blending of fuel and product quality to hydrogen purity and replacement in utility turbines, our gas density analyzers provide accurate measurements with ease of maintenance and operability.

GD402 Analyzer

The GD402 is a rugged microprocessor-based converter designed in two versions to meet both general area and explosion-proof application requirements. In addition to the display of several key data items, the converter also provides the choice of three different means for calibration: automatic, semi-automatic, and one-touch manual operation. Features of the GD402 include:

  • Proven Design
  • Many detector features
  • Simple interface
  • Low installation cost

GD40 Detector

The GD40 detector is designed for intrinsically safe and flameproof, explosion protected applications. It is designed to be virtually maintenance free for all accepted applications. Features of the GD40 include:

  • Low installation cost
  • Virtually maintenance free
  • Not affected by dust or oil mist


Robust Measurement Technology

A vibrating spool within the analyzer is resistant to contaminant build up and can survive being filled with liquid, resulting in increased measurement availability and process uptime. In addition, low maintenance is required with no replacement parts and no specialty gases to calibrate.

Unlike other density meters, the GD does not require the use of utilities such as heating or reference air, reducing operation costs and system complexity.

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