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EX (SER.10) – Unidirectional Knife Gate

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The Ex (Ser.10) is a unidirectional knife gate wafer valve designed for general industrial service applications. The design of the body and seat assures non-clogging shutoff on suspended solids in industries; industries such as Pulp and Paper, Wastewater, Chemical, Food and Beverage, Bulk Handling, Mining and more.

SIZESDN 50 to DN 1200 (larger diameters on request)

WORKING PRESSUREDN 50 to DN 250: 10 bar

DN 300 to DN 400: 6 bar

DN 450: 5 bar

DN 500 to DN 600: 4 bar

DN 700 to DN 1200: 2 bar


ANSI B16.5 (class 150)


BS D and E ANSI 125


DIR 2014/68/EU (PED) Fluid: Group 1(b), 2 (Cat. I, mod. A)

DIR 2014/34/EU (ATEX)

Design Features:

BODY: Wafer style cast monoblock with raised faces and reinforcing ribs in large diameters for

extra body strength. Internal cast-in gate wedges and guides allow for a tighter shut-off

between gate and seat. Full port design for greater flow capacity and minimal pressure

drop. The internal body design avoids any accumulation of solids that would prevent the

valve from closing.

GATE: Stainless steel gate. Gate is polished on both sides to avoid jamming and seat damage.

Bottom of the gate edge is machined to a bevel to cut through solids for a tighter seal in the

closed position. The thickness and/or material of the gate can be changed on request for

higher pressure requirements.

SEAT: Unique design that mechanically locks the seal in the internal of the valve body with a

stainless steel retainer ring. Standard EPDM also available in different materials such as

Viton, PTFE, etc.PACKING: Long-life packing with several layers of braided fibre plus an EPDM o-ring, with an easy

access packing gland ensuring a tight seal. Long-life braided packing is available in a

wide range of materials.

STEM: The standard stainless steel stem offers a long corrosion resistant life. For rising stem

handwheel actuators only, a stem protector is provided for additional protection

against dust while the valve is in the open position.

ACTUATORS: All actuators supplied by ORBINOX are interchangeable, and supplied with a standard

mounting kit for installation purposes on site.

YOKE or ACTUATOR SUPPORT: Made of EPOXY coated steel (stainless steel available on request). Compact design makes it

extremely robust even under the most severe conditions.

EPOXY COATING: The epoxy coating on all ORBINOX cast iron and carbon steel valve bodies and components is

applied by means of an electrostatic process, making the valves corrosion-resistant with a high quality

finished surface.The ORBINOX standard colour is RAL-5015 blue.

GATE SAFETY PROTECTION: ORBINOX automated valves are provided with gate guards in accordance with EU Safety

Standards. The design feature prevents any objects from being caught accidentally while the gate

is moving.

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Chemical, Engineering, Food & Beverage, Oil & Gas, Pharmaceutical, Power Generation, Pulp & Paper, Refining, Water & Wastewater