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945U-E Long-Range Ethernet Modem

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The ELPRO 945U-E Long-Range Ethernet Modem is a robust, license-free wireless transceiver capable of long range and high bandwidth communications. Operating at 900MHz and up to 630mW, the 802.11 standards-based ELPRO 945U-E is optimized for throughputs of up to 54Mbps which provides robust and secure two-way wireless communications in challenging outdoor environments typical of industrial monitoring and control applications.

Capable of operating in Access Point/Client configuration, functioning as a network Bridge/Router, or serving as a Serial Server (RS232/485), the 945U-E Long-Range Ethernet Modem offers node to node deterministic mesh network repeatability for further range and multiple channel spacing options to increase network scalability. Integrated Modbus server capability allows seamless I/O expansion through the use of ELPRO 115S Expansion modules.

The 945U-E Wireless Ethernet Modem and Device Server is an industrial 802.11-compliant module that provides
wireless connections between Ethernet devices and/or Ethernet wired networks (LANs) and complies with relevant
IEEE 802.11 standards.
945U-E 802.11 630mW max power
945U-E-H 802.11 1000mW max power
The 945U-E is a Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum (DSSS) wireless transceiver that utilizes the unlicensed
900-MHz frequency band for communications. There are various channels and bandwidths available depending
on the country and their radio regulations. If operating in the North America you can choose from the following 9 x
1.25 MHz, 9 x 2.5 MHz, 4 x 5 MHz, 4 x 10 MHz or 2 x 20 MHz channels. If operating in Australia you can choose
from 4 x 1.25 MHz, 4 x 2.5 MHz, 3 x 5 MHz or 1 10 MHz channels, etc. For a more information see “3.1 Selecting a
The 945U-E unit also provides two serial connections as well as the Ethernet connections. It is possible to use all
three data connections concurrently, allowing the 945U-E to act as a Device Server. Wireless connections can be
made between serial devices and Ethernet devices. The 945U-E provides connection functionality between serial
“Modbus RTU” devices and Ethernet “Modbus TCP” devices. Appropriate driver applications will be required in the
host devices to handle other protocols.
The modem is VLAN compliant and capable of passing VLAN tagged frames by default. VLAN bridging and Routing
Modes are also available which will facilitate a number of different VLAN topologies.
The 945U-E has a standard RJ45 Ethernet connection which will operate at up to 100 Mbit/sec. The module will
transmit the Ethernet messages on the wireless band at rates between 1 and 54 Mbit/sec & 6 and 54 Mbit/sec
depending on model, band, encryption methods, and radio paths.

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