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The TCS Temperature Concentrator System substantially reduces the cost of transmitting multiple temperature sensor measurements in general purpose and hazardous area applications by “concentrating” up to 32 signals onto one network.

The TCS quickly configures to accept any combination of RTD, T/C, mV and resistance/ potentiometer signal inputs. The TCS converts the inputs to the HART® digital communications protocol, and transmits the data long distances from the field to the control room, on an economical HART digital data link.

Features Include:

Substantially reduce hardware, wire, installation and I.S. barrier costs. The TCS eliminates the need to install a dedicated transmitter and twisted wire pair (or expensive sensor extension wires) for each measurement. Only one I.S. barrier is needed to support up to 16 temperature points in intrinsically-safe applications.

Installs in hazardous areas*. Intrinsically-safe design allows the TCM Temperature Concentrator Module to be safely installed in any Class I, II, III, Division 1 (Zone 0/1) hazardous area.

Universal input options. The TCS can be set to accept RTD (2-, 3-, 4-wire; Pt, Cu, Ni); thermocouple (J, K, E, T, R, S, N, B, C); resistance/potentiometer (0-4000 ohms); and millivolt (-50 to 1000mV) inputs.

HART and MODBUS RTU communications. These standard communication protocols facilitate interface with a wide range of DCS, PLC and computer-based networks.

Programs using a HART Communicator, a HART-based system or FREE Windows® software. Versatile programming options allow on-site or remote access to process information and the ability to perform parameter changes from the control room or any termination point on the twisted wire pair.

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