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The universal SPA2 IS Programmable Limit Alarm Trips provide on/off control, warn of unwanted process conditions, alarm on rate-of-change and provide emergency shutdown. Very versatile, they accept signal inputs from transmitters and temperature sensors that are located in hazardous areas where the method of protection implemented by the plant or facility is Intrinsic Safety. The SPA2 IS includes intrinsically-safe field connections which provide the necessary protection typically afforded by a galvanically isolated intrinsically-safe barrier.

Dual and Quad Alarm Trip Outputs:

The 4-wire (line/mains-powered) SPA2 provides two or four independent and individually-configurable alarm relay outputs when a monitored process variable falls outside of user-set high and/or low limits. This is typically used to activate a warning light, annunciator, bell, pump, motor or shutdown system.


Universal plant standard. With programmable input/output parameters, and “Universal” DC or AC power input, there’s no need to stock dozens of different alarm trips.

20-bit input resolution. Delivers industrybest digital accuracy for both sensor (RTD and thermocouple) and analog (current/voltage) inputs.

Site- and PC-Programmable. Featuring security password protection, the SPA2 offers the choice of using front panel pushbuttons or our FREE Windows®-based Intelligent PC Configuration Software for fast and simple set up.

Long-term stability. Provides up to 5 years between scheduled calibrations.

Large 5-digit process and status readout. A backlit display shows menu prompts during pushbutton configuration and, when the SPA2 is in operation, shows the process variable, the output or toggles between the two in selectable engineering units.

Combined alarm trip and transmitter. The analog output (-AO) option reduces costs and installation time when both alarm and transmitter functions are needed at the same location.

Isolated and RFI/EMI protection. Delivers superior protection against the effects of ground loops and plant noise.

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