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Product Spotlight: Yokogawa ADMAG AXR Magnetic Flowmeter

Yokogawa Admag Axr Magnetic Flow Meter

Product Spotlight: Yokogawa ADMAG AXR Magnetic Flowmeter

This month we are highlighting the Yokogawa ADMAG AXR Magnetic Flowmeter. Magnetic flowmeters traditionally use more current to achieve higher performance. Therefore magnetic flowmeter have traditionally been driven by 4-wire configuration as standard because 2-wire loop powered configurations cannot deliver enough current for acceptable performance. Now that concept is a thing of the past. With YOKOGAWA’s ADMAG AXR 2-wire magnetic flowmeter, supreme performance is realized with leading-edge technology. Keep reading to see why ADMAG AXR is the gate to the future.


1. 2 Wire Benefit

An extra AC power supply is not necessary. 2-wire loop powered performance allows direct connection to DCS I/O card possible – allowing for real cost reductions.

  • Reduce the CAPEX and OPEX on your site.
  • Power saving : 1 to 4% power consumption of typical 4-wire magnetic flowmeter.
  • Annual CO2 emissions can be reduced from approximately 73kg to 1.4kg (compare to a standard 4-wire magnetic flowmeter).

2. Adhesion Diagnostic Level Function

The Electrodes is one of the most important parts of a Magnetic flowmeter. Only YOKOGAWA has the “Adhesion Diagnostic Level Function”. It diagnoses the condition of the electrode surface and indicates the adhesion/coating in 4 levels. Users can change the detection level (threshold) depending on each individual process condition. This allows for predictive maintenance and reduced operating costs.

3. Alarm Indication

YOKOGAWA employs a Full-dot matrix LCDindicator. It can display up to 3 lines as required by the user and is available in multiple languages. When the unit has an alarm, a clear message is displayed along with a solution.

4. Dual Frequency Performance

Only YOKOGAWA can provide this unique and advanced excitation method . “Dual Frequency Excitation“ achieves stable measurement, zero stability and quick response times. The exclusive technology for stable and reliable measurement on your site.

5. Noise reduction technology

Flow noise reduction is further achieved by incorporating smooth mirror finished PFA liners and special surface finished electrodes. This is further enhanced with aligned super high-density coils that generate a stronger magnetic field.

6. SIL2

YOKOGAWA believes safety should not be optional, it should be standard in all modern products. AXR is the first 2-Wire Magnetic flowmeter with SIL2 Safety Integrity Level (IEC 61508) certified. AXR is capable of SIL2 single use and SIL3 redundant use, as standard.

Download the product spec sheet here. Questions? We have answers. Click here