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Simplified equipment status DATA collection

Simplified equipment status DATA collection

Equipment DATA, such as dryer temperature and vibration, collected with VZ20X & GA10

Modern beer factoryIn recent years, customers of processing equipment used in food and pharmaceutical manufacturing have increasingly requested visualization of equipment conditions. This is because we do not know the current state of our production facilities, and maintenance depends on individual experience and intuition.
By accurately collecting DATA with Multi-Sensing Remote I/O Analog Sensing Unit VZ20X and visualizing the status of equipment, it is possible to understand the current status and perform appropriate maintenance according to the condition of the equipment.Benefit

  • Space saving and easy installation
  • Easy gathering with GA10


  • Integrating data collection device into production equipment is burdensome
  • Customers want to clean the installation wiring of the production equipment
  • Customers want to use the collected DATA easily


  • Accurately measure equipment data such as temperature, humidity and vibration with VZ20X
  • Gather and leverage DATA in GA10


  • The VZ20X is space-saving and easy to install
  • GA10 can be easily connected to VZ20X to easily create an easy-to-use screen
  • AI supports predictive maintenance of equipment

Monitoring for equipment

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