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The VEGAPULS 68 is a radar sensor for continuous measurement of bulk solids under difficult process conditions and with large measuring ranges. The sensor is ideal for level measurement in high silos, large bunkers, stone crushers and in the furnace. The VEGAPULS 68 has a variety of antenna versions and materials that makes it the optimum solution for virtually all applications and processes. Through the wide temperature and pressure range, the sensor can be used universally and enables simple project planning.

Application area

The extended selection of process fittings and materials allows use in extreme temperature and pressure ranges.

Your benefit

  • High plant availability, because wear and maintenance-free
  • Maintenance-free operation through non-contact measuring principle
  • Reliable measurement independent of vapour, dust and noise

Level monitoring of bulk solids – a tough instrument for tough environments

VEGAPULS 68 is the level measuring transducer for extreme bulk solids applications in silos of all kinds. Continuous monitoring of bulk solids with VEGAPULS 68 is largely independent of process conditions such as high temperatures or dusty environment, e.g. in coal handling systems in power plants or in storage facilities for building materials such as clinker or cement.

Other Applications:

Belt transfer station

In a coal power plant, either hard coal or brown coal is burned as the main fuel source. The coal is transported on conveyor belts to the furnace. To avoid backup or overfilling at the belt transfer stations, level controls are necessary. Because only a reliable level measurement at these belt transfer stations can ensure uninterrupted feeding of the furnaces with coal. Additional point level detectors are installed to prevent overfilling.

Fly ash silo, ash bunker

The burning of coal creates huge quantities of ash. It is collected in a silo or bunker and then dumped into an open pit. To determine the filling height, radar transmitters and level detectors are deployed in the respective vessels.

Lime kiln

A lime kiln is used to produce quicklime through the calcination of limestone. Here the furnace is filled from the top and the calcined limestone (quicklime) is collected at the bottom of the furnace. Accurate level measurement ensures optimal charging and hence efficient operation of the furnace.

Pyrolysis chamber and ash container

Waste incineration converts domestic and commercial waste into combustible gases and ash. Pyrolysis is carried out in the absence of air at temperatures up to 500 °C. The intermediate product, charcoal, is then further burned by adding air. Ash and synthesis gas with high thermal content are the end products. For continuous operation, the vessel must be loaded and emptied automatically. To this end, the level of material in the pyrolysis chamber and in the ash pan has to be measured.

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