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The VEGAMIP R61 is the receiving unit of the microwave barrier for level detection of bulk solids and liquids. Typical applications are the detection of bulk solids in silos, bunkers and crushers as well as of liquids in tubes and vessels. The non-contact measuring principle has no direct contact to the medium and guarantees wear and maintenance-free permanent operation.

Application area

The simple and robust measuring system is virtually independent of the process and the chemical and physical properties of the product. Also suitable for detection of objects, such as vehicles or ships, or detection of solid materials on conveyor belts.

Your benefit

  • Simple adjustment saves time and costs for setup
  • Reliable measurement even with very abrasive products
  • Reliable measurement even with changing product features


Belt transfer station

In a coal power plant, either hard coal or brown coal is burned as the main fuel source. The coal is transported on conveyor belts to the furnace. To avoid backup or overfilling at the belt transfer stations, level controls are necessary. Because only a reliable level measurement at these belt transfer stations can ensure uninterrupted feeding of the furnaces with coal. Additional point level detectors are installed to prevent overfilling.

Lime silo I

For flue gas desulfurization a continuous production of the lime milk is required, the lime is kept on hand in sufficient quantities in large silos. Lime tends to readily adhere to more or less anything, depending on its type and consistency, interfering with equipment like the operation of instruments. A robust, non-susceptible level measurement is therefore absolutely necessary for reliable lime logistics and stocking. That’s why a non-contact measuring instrument that also works well in the very dusty environment is essential here.

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