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The VEGACAP 63 is a point level sensor for universal use in conductive liquids. The rod probe is fully insulated and the proven construction ensures high functional safety.

Application area

For liquids and bulk solids, non-abrasive, Sensor length up to 6 m

Your benefit

  • Simple planning due to variable switching point
  • Savings through simple mounting and setup
  • Long lifetime and low maintenance requirement through robust mechanical construction

Receiving tank for hazardous waste

Hazardous waste can include lacquers, paints and thinners, as well as acids, alkalis and mixtures. At hazardous waste treatment facilities, environmentally harmful substances are converted into environmentally safe ones. Before treatment, the liquid hazardous waste is collected in receiving tanks. Level measuring systems ensure the automated, monitored operation of the facility, thereby protecting human health and the environment.

Separation vessel

These processes often involve the separation of water-based media from hydrocarbons. In most applications, the upper, lighter medium is electrically non-conductive. Guided radar level measurement makes use of the effect that non-conductive media allow some of the radar energy to pass through, thus enabling a measurement of the interface between the water-based lower medium and the hydrocarbons.

Chocolate storage tank

After the “conching” process the liquid chocolate is kept in large tanks for further processing. An agitator stirs the chocolate “mass” to maintain a uniform consistency and temperature in the vessel. A reliable level measurement is required in both the chocolate tank and the downstream filler hoppers to control the production process.

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