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The SOLITRAC 31 is a radiation-based sensor with PVT rod detector for continuous measurement of liquids and bulk solids. It is suitable for level measurement under extreme process conditions, with critical product features or in aggressive products. The SOLITRAC 31 is ideal for use in cylindrical vessels, reactors, autoclaves, separators and mixing vessels.

Your benefit

  • Best measurement performance through PVT detector with maximum sensitivity
  • Simple mounting through supplied accessory
  • High plant availability through non-contact measurement

Application area

SOLITRAC 31 is ideal for use on cylindrical vessels, reactors, autoclaves, separators and mixing vessels. SOLITRAC offers extraordinarily high accuracy over the entire measuring range.

Storage tanks for highly toxic liquids

For extremely toxic substances such as phosgene, absolute control over the process is a necessity. In industrial applications, these products are only used in hermetically closed circuits. To minimize the inherent risks, independent protection devices form an integral part of the tank equipment. Moreover, it is important to keep the number of tank openings as small as possible. An external level measuring system that includes point level detection is ideal for such situations.


In clinker production, cyclones are used to preheat the raw meal. Before the raw meal enters the rotary kiln it is preheated to +900 °C in the cyclone. Constant monitoring of the buildup thickness on the walls ensures a continuous process.

Lime kiln

A lime kiln is used to produce quicklime through the calcination of limestone. Here the furnace is filled from the top and the calcined limestone (quicklime) is collected at the bottom of the furnace. Accurate level measurement ensures optimal charging and hence efficient operation of the furnace.

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