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From day one, FA-M3 has relentlessly pursued higher speeds as the most effective means to solving customer challenges. Over time, this has evolved into the High Speed IPRS (Instruction, Processing, Response and Scan) design concept. Today, we have set a new record in this quadruple speed quest by creating the FA-M3V, which offers extensibility and reliability at incredible speed. FA-M3V, the leading edge controller for customers who will settle for nothing less than the world’s best.

Delivering stable control at the highest speed

Featuring ultra high-speed, stable control, link functions and improved network performance, the FA-M3V controller is created by improving every aspect to deliver stable control at the highest speeds.

Stretching the “High-speed IPRS” Design Concept

FA-M3V is the industry’s fastest PLC in terms of CPU scanning speed. This incredible speed is made possible by stretching the High-speed IPRS (Instruction, Processing, Response and Scanning) design concept of the FA-M3 family of controllers and harnessing two Yokogawa core technologies, namely, the Vitesse engine and the parallel instruction processing system (PIPS).

The FA-M3 Vitesse Engine

Supreme ladder processing capability

Parallel & Independent Processing System (PIPS)

Fast, stable control for high quality production

Enhanced High-speed IPRS (Instruction, Processing, Response and Scanning)

Quadruple speed quest based on the High-speed IPRS design concept

High-speed Instructions  -Unrivalled High-speed Processing-

3.75ns for basic instructions, 7.5ns for application instructions and 37.5ns for floating-point add instruction

Faster processing of basic instructions enables reduced tact time using faster equipment, supports high-speed networking, enhances operability, as well as supports fault diagnosis and other advanced functions. In addition, faster application instructions widen utility to more applications. Floating-point addition instructions can also be speeded up to meet the requirements of high-precision applications.

Extended Functionality Coupled with Speed

Over and above fast, stable control, the FA-M3V delivers extended functionalities, including diverse network support, large file transfer and “PC-less” maintenance for improved productivity.

Truly Range-free Controllers

The FA-M3 family of controllers is consolidated into two new CPU models of 60K-step and 260K-step program size so picking your ideal CPU is easy!

Built-in Ethernet Network Support

Built-in Ethernet port for easy integration with manufacturing systems

High Reliability Enables Stable Operation

High-precision calculation capability plus enhanced security with user management and operation log means even better reliability.

High Precision, High Reliability

Higher precision with more data digits, better reliability with built-in ECC

FA-M3 Programming Tool WideField3

New, useful functional enhancements based on user requirements

FA-M3 Simulation Software Virtual-M3

Great performance for debugging and troubleshooting

Live Logic Analyzer function (for WideField3 R3.01 or later)

User-friendly engineering feature to leapfrog your debugging

Sampling Trace

Advanced analysis environment with oscilloscope-like view

The sampling trace function enables efficient debugging and timely troubleshooting.

The new version adds improved readability to advanced, flexible configuration, and introduces oscilloscope-like convenience functions including inter-point analysis, range zooming and filter configuration.

Script Coding and Monitoring

Complex calculation processing made easy!

Computations and text manipulations can be programmed using script code, which is converted automatically into ladder code before execution. Moreover, used devices can be monitored within script code for efficient debugging, and mnemonics can be entered in script code for even more powerful programming!

FA-M3V Offers a Stress-free Solution

for all process challenges from development through maintenance.

Process Flow from Development through Maintenance

Starting right from CPU model selection all-the-way to maintenance after commissioning, the FA-M3V promises a stress-free experience by enabling development according to design and reducing development effort from ladder program design to engineering.

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