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Wireless I/O Module

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The SignalFire Wireless I/O Module acts as a wire replacement that replicates analog, as well as digital signals, over a wireless link between a pair of Wireless I/O Modules. The Wireless I/O Module includes 4 analog inputs as well as 4 analog outputs. It also includes 2 digital inputs and 2 relay outputs. Other features include a powerful 300 mW radio with an antenna kit, wide range DC power input, status LEDs, etc. The operating temperature is -40ºC to 65ºC.

For Point to Point I/O Mirroring Configuration, the analog/digital inputs on one module can be replicated on the other module (and vice versa). This is ideal for stand alone valve control or simple retrofit applications.

The Standard SignalFire Remote Node Configuration operates as a remote node with a standard SignalFire Gateway.  All IO data is available at the Gateway as Modbus registers. Supports Modbus writes to control the analog and relay outputs. SignalFire node in a SignalFire network, providing longer-range as well as more sophisticated monitoring and control.

Operating Temp:  -40ºC to 80ºC

Power:  10-30 VDC (25mA average @12V no relays energized, additional 15mA max for each energized relay, plus any analog output current)

Analog Inputs:  0-10V max, 0-24 mA max

Analog Outputs: 0-20 mA, 0-5 Volts

Digital Inputs:  Dry contact or 30 volts max (push-pull)

Radio Frequency:  902-928 MHz ISM band, FHSS radio, RP-SMA connector

Relay Outputs:  2A, 60W

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