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The EJX910A multivariable transmitter precisely measures differential pressure, static pressure and process temperature. It then uses these values in a high performance, on-board flow compute to deliver fully compensated mass flow.

The EJX910A Multi-Variable is a sophisticated transmitter designed to maximize the full potential of differential flowmetering. Successfully integrating its Multi-Variable capabilities with an onboard flow computer, enables our EJX910A to fully characterize the process conditions optimizing the total flow measurement. Delivering an unequaled performance for better than 1% of flowrate over a 10:1 turndown.

Dynamic flow compensation allows the EJX910A Multi-Variable flowmeter to eliminate errors in the differential flow calculations and to model the flow profile more precisely. On the other hand, traditional differential pressure transmitters are limited in their turndown, which is at best 5:1 and typically only 3:1. In contrast, our EJX910A Multi-Variable transmitter is able to characterize the full flow profile.

Dynamic flow compensation accounts for the expandability, compressibility, viscosity and density variations along with the dimensional changes of the primary device and pipeline caused by temperature.

• 10:1 Turndown on flow

• Better than 1% flowrate accuracy

• Standards compliant

– AGA 3 & 8 Natural Gas

– ISO 5167 (1991 & 2003)

The EJX910A supports a number of primary devices; Orifice plates, Venturies and Flow Nozzles in accordance with international standards. Averaging Pitot Tubes are also supported via custom configuration.

The FSA120 software tool simplifies the handling and commissioning of the EJX910A by organizing the process parameters into logical and convenient blocks. As a configuration tool, offline simulation and flow modeling enable end users to check the validity of flowmeter parameters prior to installation.

A further advantage of the FSA120 configuration tool is the use of existing FDT/DTM technology. This allows our EJX910A DTM to be used in any compliant FDT frame application, revealing its full Multi-Variable measurement & diagnostic capabilities without restriction.

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