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The EJA118E is a differential pressure transmitter with remote diaphragm seals and is part of the most recent evolution of the DPharp family, the EJA-E series. They can be used to measure liquid, gas, or steam flow, as well as liquid level, density, and pressure. EJA118E outputs a 4 to 20 mA DC signal corresponding to the measured differential pressure. Its highly accurate and stable sensor can also measure the static pressure which can be shown on the integral indicator or remotely monitored via BRAIN or HART communications. EJA118E features include ± 0.2% Accuracy, 200 ms Response Time, Exida and TUV SIL2 / SIL3 Certified, Local Parameter Setting (LPS), 10-segment Signal Characterizer and Active Capillary Fill Fluid Density Compensation.

Diaphragm seals are used to prevent process medium form entering directly into the pressure-sensing assembly of the differential pressure transmitter, they are connected to the transmitter using capillaries filled with fill fluid.

FOUNDATION Fieldbus, PROFIBUS PA and 1 to 5 V DC with HART (Low Power) protocol types are also available. EJA-E series models in their standard configuration, with the exception of the Fieldbus, PROFIBUS and Low Power types, are certified as complying with SIL 2 for safety requirement.


Zero-based calibrated span, linear output, wetted parts material code SW for 3-inch flange flush type, fill fluid code B, and capillary length of 5 m. For Fieldbus and PROFIBUS communication types, use caribrated range instead of span in the following specifications.

Specification Conformance:  EJA-E series ensures specification conformance to at least ±3σ.

Static Pressure Effects per 0.69 MPa (100 psi) Change:

-Span Effects:

M and H capsules

±0.02% of span

-Effect on Zero:

M and H capsules

±0.014% of URL

Power Supply Effects(Output signal code D and J):

±0.005 % per Volt (from 21.6 to 32 V DC, 350Ω)

Response Time (Differential pressure):

M and H capsule: 200 ms (approximate value at normal temperature)

When software damping is set to zero and including dead time of 45 ms (nominal)

Static Pressure Signal Range and Accuracy (For monitoring via communication or on indicator. Includes terminal-based linearity, hysteresis, and repeatability):


Upper Range Value and Lower Range Value of the statice pressure can be set in the range between 0 and Maximum Working Pressure (MWP*). The upper range value must be greater than the lower range value. Minimum setting span is 0.5 MPa (73 psi).

* : Maximum Working Pressure (MWP) is within flange rating pressure.


Absolute Pressure:

1 MPa or higher: ±0.5% of span

Less than 1 MPa: ±0.5%×(1 MPa/span) of span

Gauge Pressure Reference:

Gauge pressure reference is 1013 hPa (1 atm)

Note: Gauge pressure variable is based on the above fixed reference and thus subject to be affected by the change of atomospheric pressure.

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