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EJA565E is a high-performance hygienic & sanitary transmitter for pressure and level applications requiring compliance with Food & Beverage and Pharmaceutical industry regulations.

  • Accuracy: Up to 0.075% of Span
  • Response Time: 700 ms
  • Stability: ± 0.1% of span per 1 year

Measurement Performance: By providing up to 0.075% accuracy and 10:1 turndown the EJA565E transmitter allows organizations to standardize on fewer models instances, simplifying ERP systems and reducing overall material inventory.

Stainless Steel Polished Housing: The highly polished all stainless steel housing eliminates crevices that could potentially collect contaminants and simplifies clean in place.

Tank Volume Linearization: Digital configuration to linearize the volume with the transmitter output in the EJA565E simplifies configuration and reduces start-up time.

Comprehensive Process Fittings: With more than 30 hygienic and sanitary connection types, the EJA565E / EJA564E series will fit practically any tank or process

3A Sanitary Standards Inc. Certified: Trust that the EJA565E and the EJA564E will meet regulatory requirements with 3rd party certifications for hygienic and sanitary processes.

Easy Pushbutton Display: Expedite the commissioning and startup process with easy pushbutton displays. Make zero, span, and other configuration adjustments, even without a local pressure reference source.

Flush Diaphragm Technology: Flush diaphragm technology reduces the build-up of contaminants that could impact food and drug safety and minimizing downtime need for cleaning pipes and vessels.

Active Temperature Compensation: Whether due to process upsets, ambient conditions, or dosing, temperature changes can have profound impacts on traditional instrumentation. With a unique, active temperature compensation design, the EJA565E and EJA564E provide the most robust and stable measurements to ensure improved process control, product quality and safety.

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