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ECOM® Tablet Protective Casing

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ECOM® Tablet Protective Casing by Pepperl + Fuchs, available from BBP.

Keep the Tab-Ex® 01 DZ1 safe within Ex-area.  The ECOM® Tablet Protective Casing provides an adjustable hand strap for either the left hand or right hand, and the strap is adjustable. While the tablet is in the protective, leather casing, it is still capable of charging. There is also a reinforced cover to use as a reliable tablet stand.

Other features include:

  • Reinforced cover for use as a reliable tablet stand
  • Concealable rear camera
  • With separate Stylus-loop

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Key Benefits of ECOM Tablet
  • Ensuring and maximizing mobile worker’s efficiency & productivity
  • Ensuring accurate data capture, real-time information and decision making
  • Minimizing costs
  • Improve ease of use & customer experience