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DelVal Eccentric High Performance Butterfly Valve


The DelVal Series 44/45/46, 47/48/49 (DelVal Eccentric High Performance Butterfly Valve) has been developed with extensive application, design and manufacturing expertise. These products are produced by employing modern manufacturing practices under a robust quality assurance system. These practices ensure consistent product quality and dependable performance. The DelVal 44/45/46, 47/48/49 has been designed to include state-of-the-art features that are described in this bulletin. High performance, double offset butterfly valve with soft/ fire-safe/ metal seat options.


  • Top Flange: The top flange is drilled as per EN ISO 5211 to accommodate direct mounting of a wide range of actuators.
  • Disc Stop: The disc stop is a machined position stop on the body that locates the disc in the seat to achieve maximum seat and seal life. The disc stop is designed to prevent disc from rotating in to the wrong direction and minimizing possible seat damage.
  • Pin: Pins are offset from the center of the stem which places them in compression rather than shear thus eliminating potential for failure. The pins are precision fit and wedge types which provide positive mechanical attachment of disc to stem.
  • Seat: The unique seat design utilizes a flexible lip seal concept. When the disc closes, this action causes a slight deflection in the seat, energizing the seat. During this energized position, the seat has a stored energy force constantly pushing against the disc. In addition to this ”energized” force, when pressure is on the insert side, the pressure pushes under the lip which further amplifies the sealing force between the disc and the seat.
  • Stem: The high -strength stem is SS 316 or 17-4 ph stainless steel that provides maximum strength for high torque applications.
  • Stem Seal: Stem assembly is “live loaded” with two Bellville Spring Washers. This ensures continuous compression of packing and sealing contact at the stem and body. Rocker shaped gland bridge compensates for uneven adjustment of gland bolts.
  • Adjustable Stem Packing: The stem packing system features a pull down gland with easy access to the adjusting hex head nuts without removal of the actuator.
  • Bearings: Top and bottom bearings, consisting of a 316 stainless steel /TFE glass fabric liner bearing surface, securely support the stem.
  • Body: One-piece wafer body style or full lug style for dead end service. Both body styles offer bidirectional sealing as standard in conformance with full ASME class 150, class 300 and class 600 rating.
  • Disc: The disc has been engineered to maximize flow and minimize resistance to provide a high flow coefficient (Cv). The standard disc material is 316 stainless steel.
  • Seat Retainer: Retains seat in the body and is supplied in the same material as the body.
  • Blow-out proof stem: Retainer circlip provides blow -out proof stem.
  • Extended Neck: Extended neck allows for 2” of pipeline insulation and easy access to stem packing adjustment and actuator mounting.
  • Bi-Directional Dead End Service: All lug valves are suitable for dead-end service to pull ANSI pressure rating, bidirectionally.

Download the DelVal Eccentric High Performance Butterfly Valve flyer here.

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