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ADMAG AXG Magnetic Flow Meters

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The new ADMAG Total Insight (TI) AXG®  is an electromagnetic flow meter featuring enhanced settings for customized setups, pre-defined trend views, and multiple configuration sets for fast changeover through micro SD card. The ADMAG TI AXG® comes standard with built-in verification, reducing total cost of ownership.

Some of the highlights of the ADMAG TI AXG® include:

  • Diameter: 0.1” to 20” (2.5mm to 500mm) with PFA liner
  • Liner materials: PFA
  • High Accuracy: up to ±0.15% of flow rate
  • Ideal for aggressive industries:
    • Oil & Gas
    • Chemical
    • Pulp & Paper 
    • Metal & Mining

Download the ADMAG AXG brochure here.